Welch 2.3 cfm Full Chemical-Resistant 4-Head Diaphragm Pump


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    The original Welch 2052 is a full chemical-resistant (not like its cheaper version), 4-head, oil-free dry diaphragm vacuum pump with all-PTFE contact surfaces and deep vacuum capability. Oil-Free, portable, full chemical-resistant, means less maintenance and no more frequent and costly oil change, or cross contamination.

    Ai is now the official dealer of Welch vacuum pumps. These pumps are made in Germany with one year warranty and technical support from Welch Vacuum.

    Free three feet 3/8" (9.5mm) white premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing ($19.99 value) included.


    Instructions for diaphragm replacement


     Electrical requirements
     220-240v 50/60Hz single phase 0.53 HP, 390 watts
     Pumping rate
     2.3 cfm
     Gasket material All-PTFE
     Ultimate vacuum level
     1.5 torr / 2 mbar / 0.2 kPa
     Maximum vacuum 29.9 in. Hg
     1/4" (6.4mm) NPT
     Adjustable vac./gas ballast No
     Pump dimensions (LxWxH)
     230 x 380 x 180 mm
     Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
     260 x 420 x 190 mm
     Pump weight
     18.3 kg
     Shipping weight
     23 kg
     User's manual Download


    Standard package

     Part description


     Welch 2052 2.3 cfm full chemical-resistant oil-free diaphragm pump
    1 pc
     White premium food grade silicone vacuum hose (1 meter)
    1 pc
     User's manual
    1 pc