Recirculating Chillers & Heaters

With a recirculator machine, heated or cooled liquid or compounds are circulated through the system to maintain the desired temperature. Various types of heaters and coolers perform both functions. Temperature control differs depending on the type of machine being used.

We offer various chiller heater combo equipment to meet any application requirement. We offer a range of volume options between 3 and 50 litres.

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A$ 3,990.00 A$ 3,862.49 3862.4900000000002 AUD
A$ 44,990.00 A$ 43,552.27 43552.270000000004 AUD
A$ 21,990.00 A$ 21,287.27 21287.27 AUD
A$ 2,390.00 A$ 2,313.62 2313.62 AUD
A$ 3,890.00 A$ 3,765.69 3765.69 AUD