Analytical Balances

A laboratory balance or analytical balance is a scientific scale used for precise weighing applications of small amounts of material in laboratories, educational settings, industries, or any environment requiring accurate and rapid weighing. Models with defined weighing ranges, readabilities, accuracies, and repeatability are available.

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Analytical balances are devices that measure very small masses of samples with high precision and accuracy. They are typically used for laboratory applications that require weighing samples to four or more significant figures. Analytical balances have a readability of 0.1 mg (0.0001 g) or less. They are highly sensitive to changes in mass and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air currents, etc.. Therefore, they are often enclosed in a glass chamber to protect them from external influences. Analytical balances need to be calibrated regularly with standard weights to ensure their accuracy. Some features of analytical balances include automatic internal calibration, draft shield doors, touchscreens, data transfer options, etc..

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