Ai C5 Heavy Wall Short Path Distillation Head W/ Straight Drain

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    The Ai heavy wall C5 short path distillation head with vacuum jacket offers you a lot of new changes over its previous version.


    • Larger vacuum jacket means less heat loss during distillation
    • Increased internal diameter throughout the whole head for more efficient fractioning and condensation of vapor with zero clogging. 75% more efficient than its predecessor.
    • Fine-grinded joints gives you higher ultimate vacuum level
    • Heavy wall for durability
    • Five sets of vigreux
    • Boiling flask port: 34/45 joint
    • Distribution port: 24/40 joint
    • Thermo probe port: 24/40 joint
    • Recirculating fluid port: GL-16
    • Glass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
    • Compatible with Summit Fraction Finder

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