• 2-8°C 120-1000L
  • -86°C 100-1000L

2°C to 8°C - Lab Freezers and Refrigerators

Across International Australia's 2°C to 8°C laboratory freezers and refrigerators are temperature controlled storage units designed for the safe storage of laboratory samples, such as biological and chemical samples, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Some of their key features include

  • Temperature range: The units are capable of maintaining temperatures between 2°C and 8°C, providing a suitable environment for storing sensitive samples.

  • Built-in alarm system: The freezers and refrigerators are equipped with an alarm system that warns users if the temperature inside the unit deviates from the set range.

  • Energy efficiency: The units are designed to be energy efficient, reducing operating costs and minimising environmental impact.

  • Easy to clean: The units have a clean, simple design that makes them easy to clean and maintain.

  • Digital control and display: The temperature control and display systems are digital, allowing precise temperature regulation and easy monitoring.

  • Multiple sizes and capacities: Across International Australia offers a range of sizes and capacities to meet the specific needs of different laboratories and research facilities.

These laboratory freezers and refrigerators are ideal for research and development, quality control and medical applications where preservation of temperature sensitive samples is crucial.

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