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100L Stainless Steel Reactors

A stainless steel reactor is a type of reactor made of stainless steel alloy for high strength and durability. These 100L stainless steel reactors are suitable for general laboratory purposes that do not require precise temperature control or protection from oxidation. Unlike a glass reactor, a stainless steel reactor is meant to withstand higher temperatures and pressures and manage shorter heat-up and recovery times.

The advantages of stainless steel reactors are:

  • They have high mechanical strength and stability.

  • They have good resistance to abrasion and wear.

  • They have easy inspection and repair options.

While it may lack the visibility for direct observation of reactions. These reactors are designed for various applications such as chemical synthesis, polymerization, catalysis, and hydrothermal reactions. With precise temperature and pressure control, they enable researchers to study complex reactions in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and industrial research settings.

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