24-Ton Pellet Press with Hydraulic Pump & Safety Shield



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    MP24A desktop dry manual pellet presses can press up to 24 metric tons. They are frequently used in materials and chemistry research laboratories to prepare compound samples. These presses have built in hydraulic pump with auto return function and 10mm thick transparent safety shield.

    Caution: always wear protective goggles during operation!


     Maximum pressure   24 metric tons (52,910 Lb)
     Maximum working space   100 x 100 x 140 mm (LxWxH)  
     Largest compatible die set     

     Across International 50mm ID round die sets
     (50x50mm pressing dies will NOT fit)

     Hydraulic cylinder travel distance   25mm
     Machine dimension 270 x 200 x 480 mm (LxWxH)
     Machine weight 38 kg
     Shipping weight 50 kg
     Shipping dimension 380 x 380 x 560 mm
     Pressing dies Various diameter dies available at extra cost      

    Standard package


    Part description    





     MP24A pellet press 1 pc
     Oil tin
     1 pc
     Hex L-key
     2 pcs
     Double open-end wrench
     3 pcs
     Sealing o-ring
     4 pc
     Operation manual                                                
     1 pc

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