25mm Diameter ID Dry Pressing Die Set

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    A set of 25mm diameter (ID) hardened steel dry pressing die set for pellet presses, ready for you to make 25mm diameter cylinder-shape pellets.


    • Maximum Pressure:      30 metric tons
    • Rockwell Hardness:       Rc 62
    • Diameter (ID):              25 mm
    • Height:                         105 mm (assembled without sample)
    • Sleeve Height:              50 mm
    • Sleeve Diameter (OD):  46 mm
    • Tolerance:                    0.01-0.02 mm (10-20 micron)
    • Material:
      • Core die & push rod:          W18Cr4V hardened carbon tool steel
      • Sleeve, ejector & support:  Cr12 hardened carbon tool steel
    • Max sample fill height:   Not to exceed 1/3 of the sleeve height

    Die set includes

    • Two 25mm ID cylinder-shape core dies made of highly polished hardened steel
    • One steel sleeve
    • One steel support plate
    • One push rod
    • One pellet ejector


    • Always wear protection goggles during operation
    • Clean the die set throughout with absolute ethyl alcohol and keep them in a dry box with silica gel after use to avoid rusting on the surface.
    • Never fill the die more than 1/3 its sleeve height with your sample and do not apply pressure beyond 30 tons. Across International is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse.

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