• 1200°C Tube Furnace
  • 1400-1500°C Tube Furnace
  • 1600-1800°C Tube Furnace
  • 1200-1500°C Rotary Tube Furnace

1400-1500°C Laboratory Tube Furnace

A tube furnace is an electric heating equipment that performs multiple atmosphere and thermal processes in a single cycle. These may include inorganic and organic purification, accelerated ageing, annealting, coating, drying and other processes.

These tube furnaces are designed to withstand high temperatures up to 1400 to 1500°C for syntheses and purifications. They are lightweight and compact, offering convenience to move and carry as well as self-tuning PID controller features to optimise thermal processing consistently with minimal overshoot. These tube furnaces include safety features that provide protection against overheating and power failure. All furnaces are CE compliant. 

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