• 1200°C Tube Furnace
  • 1400-1500°C Tube Furnace
  • 1600-1800°C Tube Furnace
  • 1200-1500°C Rotary Tube Furnace

1200C-1700C Tube Furnaces 

Across International Australia offers a range of tube furnaces with operating temperatures from 1200°C to 1700°C. These furnaces are designed for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications including materials synthesis, heat treatment and thermal analysis. They feature high quality insulation and heating elements for improved temperature uniformity and energy efficiency. In addition, they are equipped with a variety of safety features and control options, including overheat protection, programmable temperature controllers and data logging functions.

Whether you are looking for a furnace for your laboratory or industrial facility, you can be sure that Across International Australia has the right solution for you.

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